Originally from Micatlán, Morelos. Sabomix is a sweet sauce made from tamarind, a mixture of chili peppers and natural ingredients.


Satisfy the needs of our customers by offering them a wide variety of products from the branch of quality sweet and sour sauces that enrich the taste of food, backed by its authentic characteristic flavor and excellent quality ingredients.


To be a leading company in the market, positioning ourselves in the taste of consumers as a competitive company in the national and international framework.


Quality: Offer a high quality product, selecting the most suitable raw material for our product.

Cleaning: Manage an environment with the best hygiene standards and quality standards within the best cleaning standards.

Respect: For the environment: Create a culture of recycling using materials that are friendly to the environment and thus be able to spread the culture of sustainability.

Innovation: Year after year make improvements to our product and our machinery with the idea of innovating in terms of presentations of our product as well as presenting new products to the market with the best quality, taste and price.

Customer service: Offer a quality product, which meets the highest standards allowed, a highly competitive price and an unbeatable taste.